Allergy Plate Wholefood Ebook

Hi I’m Karen!

I am an allergy mother of two beautiful boys Felix 6 and Spencer 4. Both of my boys have multiple food allergies to different foods.

My introduction to allergies and anaphylaxsis started when Felix was four months old and I have been one huge rollercoaster ride ever since. I have experienced moments of fear, anxiety, saddness, grief and relief over this time. But what this journey has taught me is to be grateful for my family, to cherish every moment and most of all embrace food allergies. If I don’t embrace this situation, the alternative is to resent it and that’s not a healthy way to live for me or my children.

Feeding my family has now become a priority in my life. I aim to ensure every meal and snack is allergen free AND as wholesome, nutrient dense and as yummy as possible.

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