GAIA Natural Baby developed a range of essential items that are most used within the first 5 years of a baby’s life. Our aim is to keep baby skin care simple by offering you the basic items that nourish, nurture and gently care for your little one’s skin without too much fuss or irritating ingredients.

GAIA Natural Baby takes into consideration that a baby’s skin is thinner than that of an adult, more sensitive and does not have normal barrier functions when they are born.

So we use ingredients that are known to be beneficial to skin including organic vegetable oils and calming plant extracts, to bring you our range of non-drying cleansers, skin-softening moisturisers, soothing nappy time products and bamboo baby wipes to care for your baby’s every day needs.

Formulated especially for delicate baby skin, our products are suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitivities and irritations, making them eczema friendly.

GAIA Natural Baby cannot treat or cure your baby’s eczema, but we are able to provide you with a product that is free from ingredients known to trigger dryness, irritations and flare-ups. There are NO artificial fragrances, soap, sulphates, petrochemicals, mineral oils, lanolin, paraben preservatives, propylene glycol or phthalates used in any of our washes, moisturiser, massage oil and wipes.

We don’t test on animals or include any animal ingredients so our range is vegan friendly, (excluding our nipple balm as it contains beeswax). All products are CCF accredited.

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