Spring is here! It’s my favourite season because the weather is not too hot, not too cold, just nice! Well, most of the time anyway. I personally can’t wait for the jacaranda trees to be in full bloom and bask the whole of Sydney in all its purple glory!

One thing I don’t like about Spring though is the seasonal allergies it brings. Pollen gets me every time! Good thing kidsonaplane.com shared awesome tips on how to enjoy the outdoors when you have seasonal allergies.


1. Avoid the Outdoors from 5AM to 10AM
Pollen concentrations are the highest during this time so stay indoors and plan to start your activities later on in the day if possible.

Did you know this? I didn’t! You learn something new every day, hey.

2. Wear Sunglasses
Sunglasses minimize the amount of pollen spores that get into your eyes. I rarely wear contact lenses during spring and summer months because my eyes get irritated easily due to my allergies. Wearing prescription sunglasses allows me to worry less about if contacts are going to fall out if I keep rubbing my eyes.

You’re fortunate if you don’t have to wear any prescription eyewear – whether spectacles or contact lenses. Must be super annoying having pollen grains stuck on them.

3. Change Clothes After Returning Indoors
Changing clothes after returning indoors means you won’t be breathing in pollen from outside.

Makes a lot of sense.

4. Take a Shower Before Bed
Taking a shower and washing your hair before bedtime eliminates excess pollen that may have collected on your skin and hair.

I personally take a shower before going to bed no matter what season, anyway.

5. Avoid Yard work
Take advantage of your seasonal allergies and cut down on chores! Don’t mow the lawn or spend too much time gardening because it will stir up pollen and mold which will make allergies worse.

Perks of living in a rented unit is that we don’t actually have a yard to mow.

They give additional tips for when you are travelling during allergy season:

6. Plan Ahead for Travel and Check Pollen Counts
Avoid spending too much time outdoors during high pollen count days.
Keep windows closed to avoid pollen from entering your hotel room or rental vehicle.

7. Pack Medication for Vacation
Make sure you pack your medication in your carry on so you minimize having your allergies flare up when you get to your destination.

Also, pack some in your suitcase just in case. It’s not fun when you have to deal with a runny nose and itchy eyes when on vacation and then not being able to find over the counter medication when you desperately need it. I’ve been there before – in a foreign country where allergy relief meant me being stuck in the hotel until late afternoon.

This applies for your kids as well! Make sure you have their antihistamines.

8. Bring a Pillowcase from Home
Consider bringing an allergy protector pillowcase from home to keep pollen, mites, and other allergens at bay. Alternatively, check with your hotel or resort to see if they have non-allergenic pillows and bed linens for guests.

This is such a handy tip! I’ve never thought about this before.

9. Head to the Beach
Pollen levels are lower around bodies of water so if you’re considering a long weekend getaway or summer vacation, head to the beach, ocean, lake or bay. Your allergies may disappear completely – no promises, though – I’m speaking from personal experience. I love being by the water!

read more at kidsonaplane.com

There you have it. The prevalence of spring allergies doesn’t mean you have to be cooped up at home and miss out on fun outdoor activities in this awesome weather – you just have to work around it.