Your home is the place where you are the most relaxed and comfortable. It is often considered the safest place for you. But could your home be hiding chemicals and toxins that have the potential to affect your family’s health?

Toxins can cause a range of ailments and have the potential to cause long term health issues. Here are My Sensitive Baby we have been working to create a toxin free household and share our top 8 tips with you on how to have a safer home.

Choose glass over plastic

Some plastic, particularly in food packaging, can contain the chemical BPA. BPA over a period of time can seep from a plastic container and into food. Most commonly occurring when you reheat food inside a plastic container.

If you can choose glass containers over plastic ones this is ideal. Or take your food out of a plastic container and put onto a plate before you pop it in the microwave.

Glass containers are also great as they tend to have a longer shelf life, so help to reduce waste.

Use All- Natural Cleaners

Household cleaners are one of the worst culprits when it comes to toxins in your home. Chemicals inside these products are marketed as being the most effective at making cleaning easier. But there are other ways to kill germs naturally and leave your countertop shiny and new.

Diluted vinegar mixed in with some hot water works a treat in getting your windows streak-free. Some lemon juice helps kill bacteria and make a room smell lovely and clean.

What furniture to look for

When you are in the market for upholstered furniture, check if the pieces are made of natural latex foam, wool or organic fabrics. As lots of furniture can be filled with polyurethane foams that are full of chemicals.

Also try and choose solid wood over pressed particle board. The particle board emits formaldehyde, which is a respiratory irritant.

Opt for all-natural flooring

Traditional carpet is made from synthetic, petroleum-based fibres that can emit hazardous materials which are commonly linked to asthma and allergies.

If you can, it is worth considering stained concrete or renewal wood options such as cork or bamboo.

If you like the feel of carpet between your toes opt for cotton or wool rugs, as unlike carpet they do not require adhesive glues.

Change your shower curtain

If you have a vinyl shower curtain it can release toxins that hang around in the air for many weeks. These curtains also contain phthalates, which can wreak havoc on hormones and the endocrine system.

Instead you want to look for an organic cotton or linen shower curtain to hang instead.

Getting a good night’s sleep

Given the amount of time we spend asleep your mattress and bedding requirements should be top of the list.

Some conventional mattresses contain harsh chemical and fire retardants which can emit gas for years on end.

Opting for a 100% natural latex mattress is best. Plus look to buy organic, untreated sheets, blankets and pillows.

Create an indoor garden

Besides helping to decorate your home, plants can be a great option to help purify the air. They are nature’s best filter of toxins and impurities in the air.

Go Organic

Most people have heard of an opted into buying organic produce and foods to avoid pesticides making it to your meal.

But you can also purchase a whole raft of other organic items including clothes, hygiene products, sheet and towels.

Use Essential Oils

You may have heard about wonderful things about essential oils…it’s because they DO work! Essential oils are the aromatic, natural chemical compounds extracted from various parts of a plant: leaves, flowers, stems, roots, bark, and so on. They have a vast and diverse uses, such as:

  • Supporting the respiratory, digestive, or other systems
  • Nurturing cell function
  • Encouraging balance in the hormones
  • Relieving stress and balancing emotions
  • Replacing chemical cleaners naturally
  • Replacing synthetic deodorant, perfumes, etc

It may not always be possible to completely rid your home of toxins. But becoming more mindful of where toxins are lurking in your home can help you to make better decisions moving forward.