At KoalaBubs we believe in keeping it simple. But simple is more than just returning to a natural, easy way of life. It’s about peace of mind and enjoying each day.

We started this company to offer you that peace of mind in the everyday products you use for your baby, from organic cotton blankets to real wood teethers and toys. And we are currently working hard to source the best available from amazing small craftsmen all over the world. We want you to enjoy your baby without worrying about chemicals from flame retardant fabric and plastics.

KoalaBubs began from our commitment to loving and caring for the whole family – mums, dads and babies.

Our goal is to help Australian families enjoy their days during pregnancy and childbirth, and explore their new lives as parents.

We regularly update this site with information to guide you in this amazing and beautiful time.

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Our Favourite Products

Calming Calendula Baby and Nappy Cream
Belly Dancer – Organic Pregnancy Tea
Boobie Breastfeeding Tea