Mem & Maeve is an Australian online store specialising in allergy friendly products for sensitive little bodies from newborns to toddlers. Established in 2016, Mem & Maeve was born out of a desire for organic, hypoallergenic, on trend products made with a social conscience.

In search of products for her young daughters who have allergies, eczema and asthma, Anna, one half of the Mem & Maeve team, found it difficult to source clothing and skin care that was safe, suitable and practical to her children’s specific health needs. Feeling overwhelmed and isolated, she was inspired to create an online store to help other parents of children with allergies to source safe, hypoallergenic, affordable products for their little ones.

Allergies are very common. In fact, allergic diseases are among the fastest growing chronic disease and public health issues we face in Australia. It’s a no brainer to us at Mem & Maeve that high quality allergy essentials and allergy management supplies should therefore be easily accessible and readily available.

At Mem & Maeve, we understand and empathise with the challenges faced by our community in caring for children with allergies. We make it our mission to seek out the safest and very best natural, hypoallergenic, chemical and toxin free products for babies and children on the market. All products in our range have been hand selected for their ability to promote comfort and wellbeing, thereby minimising discomfort. Happy families!

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