No matter the season, babies still want to be held close, but baby wearing in the heat presents certain challenges.

30-degree weather with another human attached to you is going to get sweaty.

Here are some tips to help parents and babies stay cool, comfortable and sun protected while enjoying summer adventures together.

Wear light and airy clothes

A baby carrier acts as an extra layer for your baby so dressing them down a layer of clothing can help to keep them comfortable. Choosing a lightweight fabric for your own clothing also helps in keeping you cool.

Consider a moisture barrier

A lightweight muslin or cotton wrap between you and your baby can help to absorb any moisture whilst still allowing you to have close skin to skin contact with your bub.

Stick to the shade

Whilst this is not always possible, try when you can to stay in the shade. Otherwise a hat with a wide brim or even an umbrella can come in handy to keep off the harsh rays from the heat of the day.

An umbrella is not a bad idea as it will mean you can keep your baby’s head free from any covering. Babies lose most of their heat from their heads so whilst hats a great for sun protection and umbrella while letting their head “breathe” might be an option for really hot times.

Stay hydrated

Ensure you drink lots of water yourself and keep your child hydrated with plenty of liquids. A little spray bottle to periodically spray on your hands, feet and hair can help to cool you off.

Plan your day accordingly

Try and plan your days activities during the coolest parts of the day. So head out in the early morning or later in the afternoon. Try and keep the middle of the day free to stay inside or in the shade.

Take a fan

You can even consider making your own with just a folded-up piece of paper. Otherwise you can pick up a fan for just a few dollars. You will be surprised how effective they can be.

Apply sunscreen

Prevent yourself and your little one from burning by choosing a sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin. It is best to apply it before going into the sun so you get less sunscreen over the baby carrier material.
Take breaks

If you or your baby feel too hot. Try and find some shade and let you and your baby have a rest from baby wearing until you have both cooled off.

Take a change of clothes

Keep a separate outfit for your baby in a cooler bag. So when they are getting hot and sticky you can change them into a cooler outfit.

Use a cool cloth

A face washer or handkerchief will do the trick here. Dip it in cool water and drape around your or your babies necks to cool you down.