Baby skincare products are marketed as keeping your baby’s skin perfect. It is a multi-million-dollar industry, where new parents are inundated with fancy bottles, big claims and flawless skin promises.

Whilst it can seem easiest to simply grab the cheapest or prettiest item on the shelf, taking the time to ensure the products are organic and natural is worthwhile.

A lot of the mainstream baby products contain an array of toxic ingredients, which are then absorbed into your baby’s bloodstream. Here at My Sensitive Baby we have compiled a list for you of what ingredients you should avoid, as well as what ingredients make the perfect option for you little one’s skin.

Avoid fragrances

Whilst it is tempting to use products that smell nice, they are not a great choice for your bub’s skin. Most fragrances are synthetic, and it is a catch-all term in an ingredients list that can mask the presence of thousands of separate ingredients. Plus, it hides the strong chemical smell.

Fragrance are proven to cause the symptoms of rashes and vomiting, as well as being linked to allergies, eczema and skin irritation. It is often toxic to various organs in the body as well.

Fragrance is often added to baby powder, baby wash and shampoo and lotions. So, be sure to check the label and avoid any that mention fragrance, perfume or parfum.

Steer clear of Parabens

These are frequently used preservatives that are found in baby and children’s products everywhere.

To make it more complicated for us as parents to decipher, these toxins go by different names. So you will have to look for anything ending in paraben to see if it is in an item you use for your baby.

Studies have shown that parabens are linked to organ system toxicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and skin irritation.

Whilst the links are low in adults, with your little one’s small body and super absorbent skin the risks are not worth it, so it is best to avoid.

Say no to Talc

This is added to baby powders. It is known to be a lung irritant and can also have the potential to cause cancer due to the mining process.

Many baby powders have talc-free powders but there are still other ingredients in those that mean avoiding baby powders altogether might be the best solution.

Stay away from Propylene glycol

This chemical’s job is to open pores and let chemicals in. It can be found in baby wipes which is not safe. Considering they use this chemical in wiper fluid it’s not something you want on your bub’s skin.

Look out for polyethylene glycol (PEG) and polypropylene glycol (PPG) on labels, too.

Avoid Petroleum

This is one of the most common ingredients in skincare. Just like the name implies, petroleum is derived from petrol made from crude oil.

Petroleum covers the skin with a contaminated coating which means your baby’s skin cannot breathe.

It clogs up pores and slows down the ability to release toxins from the skin. It can also cause skin disorders and allergies.

When looking at ingredients you might also see the term mineral oil used.

Say no to Dioxins

Dioxins are a toxic group of chemical compounds. They can creep into skincare products in the manufacturing stage. It is not listed on the ingredients list as dioxins, but is a side effect of antibacterial ingredients such as triclosan, emulsifiers and industrial cleaners. The plastic bottle containing the product may also carry dioxins.

They have an extremely high toxicity level and remain in our bodies for many years. They are what is considered a Group 1 carcinogen – a proven source of cancer.

Look for Natural & Organic

After reading the list of all the ingredients you need to avoid, you can be left feeling that there is nothing left to use on your baby’s skin. But don’t worry, there are now lots of choices available for organic and natural products. There are some great ingredients found in nature.

Manuka Honey

A natural antibacterial agent that moisturise and sustain hydration in your baby’s skin.

Paw Paw

Has fantastic moisturising and soothing properties and is gentle on the skin. It also contains protective antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients making it a winning choice for sensitive baby skin.

Aloe Vera

Whilst this is a great go-to option for sunburn, it also contains beneficial antibacterial properties. Which helps to prevent or stop the spread of infection.


Calendula has great healing properties which is perfect for baby’s delicate skin.

Jojoba Oil

It’s not actually an oil but a liquid wax – like what is produced by baby skin naturally.

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